Pregnancy update!


Good morning! I know it has been a while since my last post. I have really been hit hard by the morning/all day sickness. Thankfully, it is subsiding and my food aversions are easing away slowly. With that being said, I should be getting back in the groove of things. This morning, was our 11 […]

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Skincare during pregnancy


When I was pregnant with my daughter, I kept my regimen very simple . Now, when I say simple, I mean 3 to 4 different products. For exfoliation, I used St. Ives Apricot scrub. Then, I would tone with Witch Hazel, and moisturize with coconut oil. My skin was pretty clear throughout that pregnancy. I […]

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Weights during pregnancy


Since I have been drowning in the morning sickness blues, my workouts have seemed to be put on the back burner. I’ll do a few home workouts, but it really depends on how I’m feeling. Some days I just want to come home and fall in the bed. Other days, I just want to do […]

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3 yoga poses that help reduce lower back pain

During my first pregnancy, I really didn’t have an issue with lower back pain until I went into labor. So, for me to be experiencing lower back pain this early in my pregnancy is weird. It’s not excruciating or unbearable, but I know that it comes with the territory. I started to think that it […]

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Surviving morning sickness during the first trimester


I don’t know why morning sickness hates me so much, but it is killing me! I have been inches away from seeing the pearly gates too often with this pregnancy. I’m not just talking about being sick in the morning. I am sick from the time my eyelids open til the time my eyelids close. […]

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Remembering how far I’ve come


I remember the EXACT moment and day the doctor told me and my husband we would never be able to conceive naturally. Not one ounce of pity or belief ran through my veins because I knew the God I served! I remember our drive home and my husband telling me that if I wanted to […]

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Our first appointment

I apologize for the long break in posts, but this morning all day sickness has been kicking my butt. I don’t know what’s going on, but I am trying to stay as active and positive as possible. Having to chase and keep up with a toddler is a lot of hard work. My husband has […]

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