Third trimester teas

So, since I turned 28 weeks on last Friday, I started my teas on Sunday. I had been doing a lot of research on these teas and I finally feel comfortable enough to take them. I did consult with my midwife before taking them and she supported my decision. Now, I am sure some of […]

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Taking that one thing back!

Have you ever started on a fitness journey and by 2 weeks or after one month, you were completely unmotivated? Maybe you changed your diet and started eating more healthy and less junk food and realized you just weren’t as strong as you thought you were. You’re not a failure. By all means. You are […]

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Preparing body for birth

I have been neglecting the gym this week. I guess I shouldn’t use the word neglect. I have been enjoying my bed more than the gym this week. I have only been 2 times this week and boy have I been loving that. I only say that because I have learned to listen to my […]

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Symphysis Pubis Disfunction


A couple of months ago, I was diagnosed with SPD. Symphysis Pubis Disfunction. I had never heard of this and was in complete shock when I found out what it was. Although it is common during pregnancy, it can be severe in some cases. Luckily, my diagnosis was shortly lived. SPD, also known as Pelvic […]

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Pregnancy Update!

Yesterday, I turned 27 weeks pregnant!!! The last week of the second trimester! I can honestly say that this pregnancy is so similar to my first one. Only difference is I am bigger than what I was when I was 27 weeks with Azariah. No biggie to me. The baby is growing right along and […]

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Making that first step towards health!


I have not always been ecstatic when it comes to nutrition. I was once the girl who ate any and everything without thinking TWICE about what it was doing to my body. I ate EVERYTHING! I did not discriminate. When I had my health/wake up call in January 2013, that was my turning point. I […]

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Gaining the right weight during pregnancy


From the time I found out I was pregnant, my mentality has been a little more, can we say, stubborn. Not the bad stubborn, but a kinda of good stubborn. I have always been the one to look at being pregnant as an inspiration and motivation besides a handicap. Now, I do understand that there […]

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